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Category Archives: Personal

Love & After…

For these images, I set out on a collaborative journey with a very special person in front of my camera. It was a very unique session and a very special opportunity for me to push my creativity. We all want love to be a constant in our lives. Yet sometimes love changes, and we are […]

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McFly Syndrome

I love this photograph because it was an accident. Sometimes in photography the planets align and we get these totally accidental jems. Timing, lighting, location, moment… Click! And you have your own little masterpiece. However, besides these occassional treasures not a lot about what I do happens by accident. Where am I going with this? […]

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Pre-Wedding Post

Last fall I met Sarah and Jason for the first time. Sarah looked oh so cool in her Shins T-shirt and I looked like I was about to perform as an extra in Mary Poppins to the song “Step in Time.” Sarah and Jason were awesome enough to meet me out at the Market Place […]

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Seeing Red

So I always joke that I have a “thing” for redheads. I just so happen to have a redheaded beau and I’m a fan of Conan O’Brien. Yet, in reality, I have never sought them out, they just happened to find their way into my life. In fact, a lot of my subjects this year […]

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Better Together

Sunday evening I got this email, right as I was retiring to bed from what was a pretty stressful and obligation filled day. And just like that, everything was better. I was reminded of what it is I am really doing for people by simply taking pictures, why this job makes my heart so happy […]

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