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Megan and Josh’s Wedding Day

I knew this wedding was going to be beautiful, and I was very happy Jessica Frey asked me to assist her. On my way to Noriega House, I passed one of those light up signs on the side of the road that informed me it was 101 degrees outside. It was hot and it was sunny. Then, the clouds started rolling in, and what do you know?

Rain?! Of all days. Yes, it rained and Megan and Josh found themselves just 30 minutes before their outdoor wedding ceremony watching the rain come down from inside the Noriega House. Mallory, Megan’s maid of honor and sister, took a look outside and said, “Well, lets say a prayer.” And as it turns out, the rain really didn’t put a damper on the wedding at all. I did a little bit of umbrella holding. Other than that, the rain stopped, the chairs were wiped down and the once inconvenient weather provided us with perfect light.

The plum and lavender details complimented the venue perfectly. The flowers were, as Megan described, whimsical. Mallory, who is also a hair stylists, did an amazing job! So many personal touches and happy people.